Saturday, September 13, 2008

Book Review: The Sea Priestess

Dion Fortune is famous as the author of The Mystical Qabalah, the canonical guide to Qabalah as used in the Western Hermetic tradition. Ms. Fortune has also written some novels. The Sea Priestess is said to have the practice corresponding to the theory given in The Mystical Qabalah.

The novel is set in early 20th-century England. The main character is a real-estate broker who lives with his mother and sister. One of his customers is a mysterious lady who owns a country estate. In the course of the book, the lady teaches the protagonist about magic and prepares him for his subsequent marriage. There's also an interesting fireplace recipe involving sandalwood, cedar and juniper.

This book is important because it gives an example of the magical life. As recovering materialists, we do learn various concepts in our studies, but we also have to apply them. The result should be that our lives get better. We grow as people. Little coincidences happen that tell us we are on the right track. Seemingly insurmountable problems disappear with some elbow grease.

If you have chosen the hermetic path, read this book, before or after The Mystical Qabalah.

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