Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What Can Astrology Do For You?

Astrology is the study of cycles. You are familiar with the yearly cycle of the Sun, and the roughly monthly cycle of the moon, but there are other cycles that have been known for thousands of years, and they all can have profound effects on our lives.

The foundation of astrology is the natal chart, which records the positions of all of the cycles at the time of your birth. These positions are not only the starting point of your life, but they also outline your basic characteristics, and the issues you will have to address. Some of these issues are very deep-seated, and could take years of therapy to uncover, but a good astrologer can sometimes identify them within minutes.

In astrology, each of these cycles is assigned to a "planet." I use the word in quotes because in astrology, the sun and moon are also considered to be planets, according to the ancient definition, which is simply objects that change their relative positions in the sky. Each planet, and the cycle corresponding to it, represents a part of us. The sun, for example, represents our basic identity, while the moon represents our emotional needs. The Greeks gave the names of their gods to the planets, which is important because it shows that we should give attention and respect to all of the different facets of ourselves. Doing this allows what Karl Jung referred to as "individuation," which is realizing our true natures. Astrology can help us do that.

Your natal chart is based on the positions of each planet at the time of your birth. At this point, you are essentially given your own personal copy of the planets, which continue to move at slower rates. These slower movements are called progressions. Meanwhile, in the outside world, the continuing movements of the planets will at times interact with the positions given in your natal chart; these interactions are called transits. Both transits and progressions can cause changes in mood, and serve as catalysts for life changes. Advance knowledge of these events can help you prepare for them so that you can take advantage of favorable events, and minimize the disruption unfavorable events could cause.

In order to give you an accurate reading, you will need to have available the date, time and place of your birth. Ideally, all three of these items should come from your birth certificate. Relying on memory doesn't work well for this. If you can also provide a list of ten or so significant events in your life along with the dates on which they occurred, that list can be used to derive a more exact time of birth. This process is called rectification. Types of significant events for this purpose include births, deaths, accidents, job changes, marriages, divorces, and pretty much anything that had an impact on your life.

So what can be done with your birth chart? Two things: the first is tracking the continuing cycles of your transits and progressions to monitor and prepare for celestial events that will affect you; the second is to prepare a game plan for your future development. We are all gods and goddesses in training, and with astrology, your training can be conscious and planned.

So have your chart done, and change your life into a magical journey.

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