Saturday, January 12, 2008


Today I would like to talk about Ramtha, also known as "The White Book". At first, I had some reservations about the book. For example, anybody who refers to themselves as "the enlightened one" probably isn't. I also have a hard time believing that Ramtha would have been worshiped as a god had he come back in his original form. Based on history, it's more likely that he would have been picked up by one of the alphabet-soup government agencies and dealt with rather harshly. But as I mentioned in a prior post, the important thing is what he has to say, which is in general very good. The surprising thing about this book is that Ramtha is actually a very good writer. Here's a sample:
The Gods entered into the limitations of matter out of the desire to experience their creativity through the bodily form. But when the Gods, as man, experienced attitudes of limitation upon this plane, they unknowingly became locked into the bodily experience, for when each God experienced the death of his first embodiment, he entered into what is called a Void. This Void was a place -- a dimension of light -- that was neither back into a consciousness understanding of all-knowing God, nor was it back upon the plane of matter. The God could no longer return to the plane of unlimited thought, for now he maintained within his though processes the alteredness of attitudes of limitation.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the best explanation of how we got here that I have ever seen. Now that we're here, what should we do? Ramtha's answer seems to be "whatever we want." That's fine, and probably all that most of us are ready for, but as recovering materialists, we want something more. The book seems to allude to what I think is the end goal: combining the experience of infinite unity with the world of ten thousand things where we live.

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