Saturday, March 21, 2009

Make Some Wishes This New Moon

I just picked up a copy of New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller. I haven't finished reading it, but I'm going to try the program outlined in the book, and I think you should too. It's very simple; all you have to do is make some wishes (up to ten) just after each new moon. After the new moon in Aries, make a collage of pictures describing things you would like to have happen in the following 12 months. Also, during the period of the Sun's transit through the 11th house of your birth chart, you get an additional 40 wishes. Does this sound a bit crazy? No? It sounds like I've totally lost it? Well, let me explain.

Astrology is essentially the study of cycles. You are already familiar with daily, monthly and yearly cycles. For example, you wouldn't plant tomatoes in the middle of winter, unless you had a greenhouse with artificial lighting. Astrological cycles work the same way, they're just not as readily apparent. The cycles we'll be dealing with are the lunar and solar cycles. The lunar cycle is the basis of the system in Ms. Spiller's book. It's a well-known principle that the best time to start new things is after a new moon. Farmers in the old days even used to plant seeds just after a new moon. The new moon in Aries is even better for this purpose because it's also the start of the yearly solar cycle. I'm still not really clear on the 11th house thing, but I'll post again later after I've figured it out.

If you want to try it, there are a few details you'll need. The wishes should be written down by hand, not typed on a computer. This is from Ms. Spiller. Wishes that involve changing yourself are preferable to wishes for things or wishes that would change others. The wishes should be written down during the first eight hours after the new moon, with one exception that you can find on Ms. Spiller's website.

I'm posting this now instead of finishing the book first because there's a new moon in Aries coming up this Thursday, March 26, 2009. This will be an excellent opportunity to try Ms. Spiller's suggestions. Please leave a comment if you do decide to try it.

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