Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Book Review: Creative Flowdreaming

I've written over a hundred posts now, most of them book reviews, and if you've been reading those books, you may be asking: "At what point is there some practical benefit to all of this?" Well, I'm glad you asked, because I have the book for you! It's Creative Flowdreaming by Summer McStravick, and has the best practical implementation I've seen of how to live what we're learning.

Flowdreaming is a process of connecting to the universe and offering up intentions to be acted on. Ms. McStravick refers to it as Flow or Source, but it can also be called the Divine Matrix (if you're a Braden fan), or the One Mind if you're an alchemist. The point is that communication with it is done through emotion and imagery. Flowdreaming is kind of like daydreaming with emotion added. The process is rewarding in itself, but I've tried it and it gives practical results.

One thing that sets Creative Flowdreaming apart from other New Age books is its explicit disagreement with the idea that we are here to learn lessons or work out our karma. According to Ms. McStravick, we have one reason for being here: to create experiences for ourself and for the Divine. By this view, if you have had less-than-rewarding experiences up until now, the answer is to learn to create better experiences. I agree with this view, and it also ties into what I was saying about free will in the Meditations on the Tarot postings. By the way, the idea that God is living vicariously through us is also the subject of another excellent book, The Secret Life of God: Discovering the Divine within You.

An excellent idea from the book is that you shouldn't focus on the details of what you want. That limits you to that particular vision when there might be something better available. It's better to focus on how achievement of the goal will make you feel. That leaves the door open for alternatives better than you could have imagined yourself. It's for this reason that I recommend the book even to beginners.

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