Saturday, October 3, 2009

Book Review: The Magician's Way

This book, like Creative Flowdreaming: Manifesting Your Dreams in the Life You've Already Gotis about creating rewarding experiences for yourself and others. So why review two books on the same subject? Because the approach is different, and one size definitely does not fit all here. The approaches in the two books are both valid, but one or the other may work better for you because it feels more natural.

The approach in The Magician's Way is, as you may expect, analogous to the Magician Tarot card. You focus on what you want, but don't worry about how to get it, and take action to make it happen. Creative Flowdreaming on the other hand, has an approach more like the High Priestess card. Instead of focusing on what you want, you focus instead on how you'll feel when you get it. That way, you leave the possibility open of manifested something that you hadn't thought of that will be even better for you than what you wanted. As you can tell, I prefer the Creative Flowdreaming, but your mileage may vary.

The book brings up a couple of important points. First, our assumptions are often the most important factor preventing us from getting what we want. Even if the assumptions are correct, they can prevent us from looking into alternative methods. Second, we want to hold on to things because we think we need them, when letting them go can sometimes create room for something better.

My recommendation? Read both The Magician's Way and Creative Flowdreaming. Then re-read the book you liked better and make that the basis of your practice. Either way, you have some "What just happened?" moments coming up.

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