Monday, March 31, 2008

Book Review: Path of Light

The Course in Miracles is, without qualification, the best mystical path that I know of for those of us recovering materialists who come from a Christian background. If you abandoned Christianity because some of the doctrines seemed senseless and barbaric, the course will change your mind for you if you let it. It's what the New Testament should have been.

However, the course can be difficult to understand, and intimidating to approach. There are many books written to help with this, and Path of Light: Stepping into Peace with A Course in Miracles by Robert Perry is one of the best. This book will tell you what the course is about, what it can do for you, and how to proceed.

For example, the question commonly arises: in which order should the parts of the course be read? The short answer given is that it doesn't matter. The longer answer is that if you read the parts out of order, you will eventually find the need to go back and read the part you should have read first.

If you prefer the mystic path to the hermetic, you should read the course. In preparation, it will probably be helpful to read the Path of Light first.

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